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Pre – Operative Care


Please don’t consume any food or liquid including water for 6 hours prior to your surgery. If you are taking any medications please consult with your surgeon prior to the day of surgery.


Please inform your surgeon of any allergies you have that could affect the procedure or impact which medicine will be prescribed for post operation.


Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your surgery; so the surgeon(s) and staff can brief you on the operation and gather required information about you to achieve the best possible outcome.


Please advise your emergency contact of the procedure date and time, so we can contact them if any complications arise.


To avoid any contamination, we recommend cleaning your teeth, tongue and cheeks.

Furthermore all of our equipment is sterilized and checked before every procedure.


If problems do arise during office hours, please call (03) 9592 6445

In the unlikely event that you cannot contact your surgeon please call or attend the emergency department of your local public hospital.

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